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The SAP Server Show starring:         , when not listening to the Beatles, (aka Shamwow!!), the magic Llama, (ah, you must be the snake..), or King Kong as we like to call him, , lucky , , and a special guest appearance by
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  • UT Voicepak Tutorial | How to make Voicepaks

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  • uMod Extractor | Extracts selected files from uMod file

  • ut2004Mi | Complete Cache Management

  • TS (TeamSpeak) | TeamSpeak Website (Talk ingame)

  • TS Overlay | See who you are speaking with

  • Hazel Whorley | Unrealed Tutorials

  • DXTbmp | Convert .dds files for photoshop

  • Jafos BotManager v3.0 | Creates .upl character files

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